Written by Monique A. Maldonado

What is Boogaloo? Well, I don’t know. All I know is that I love the sound and it gets me moving! For the first time at Latin Rhythms, we will be offering Boogaloo and so I did some research to learn more about it. Here’s what I learned.

Boogaloo has a very rich history that brings excitement just learning about it! Boogaloo originated in New York City in the 1960’s. It resonated particularly with African American audiences and an interaction developed between Latin Musicians and African American dancers. Influences of R&B, Jazz, and Doo Wap are what you may also hear when listening to Boogaloo. Performers like Joe Cuba, Johnny Colon, Ricardo Rey and The Lebron Brothers were inspired by this interaction and began to further develop this unique fusion and sound of Boogaloo.

Although the time when Boogaloo was “on and poppin” was short, the music created during that period is still endured. Many artists like Tito Nieves, Sonora Carruseles, and Grupo Gale continue to revive the Boogaloo sound by creating new music we all can still enjoy.

We are excited to be offering our first Boogaloo class at Latin Rhythms with none other than Nadia Alvarado. “In this class, you can expect to build a repertoire of funky moves and learn how to embody the swag and style of the Boogaloo era. The class is taught On2. Come and get your sexy on, Boogaloo style, baby!”, says Nadia.

Boogaloo will undoubtedly bring out something new to your dance style. Why not give it a try with us?! Check out this video of Sirenas, directed by Nadia Alvarado, as they get their Boogaloo on at the Chicago International Salsa Congress. To learn more about our classes and schedule, visit our website here.

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