Salsa On2 Classes

(Intermediate Salsa level experience required.)
Learn the technique and fundamental rules of beginning Salsa On2. We will explain and demonstrate thoroughly, the music, timing, and counts, as well as how they apply to your basic Salsa On2 step pattern.

Specific techniques learned in Salsa On1 to Salsa On2:

  •  Basic Salsa On2 step pattern
  •  Basic turns – right, broken left, hook
  •  Partner work – proper body positioning, hand positioning
  •  Intermediate turn combinations
  •  Giving/receiving “preps”
  •  Music theory & instrumentation

Why this class is different at Latin Rhythms:

Chicago is a predominantly Salsa dancing city. But there is a Salsa On2 trend making its way from the East, and strongly influencing us here. In keeping up with the latest style of Latin dancing, Latin Rhythms is one of the first studios offering a solid and extensive Salsa On2 curriculum. All Salseros who would like to add Salsa On2 to your repertoire, this is the class for you.

This class prepares you for Intermediate 1 Salsa On2!

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(Salsa to Mambo levels experience required.)
Our Intermediate Salsa On2 classes will expand your knowledge and discipline of the Salsa On2 technique and timing. It will also prepare you to lead and follow in Salsa On2 at the intermediate level more comfortably.

You will also learn:

  •  Reinforced Partner Tension
  •  Giving/receiving preps
  •  Giving/receiving multiple spins
  •  Multiple spin combinations
  •  Lead turning options/additions
  •  Intermediate footwork/shines
  •  Music Theory

Why this class is different at Latin Rhythms:

In our opinion, Salsa On2 is the most disciplined style of Latin dancing taught at Latin Rhythms. You’re breaking on a different count as you would in Salsa—you’re breaking on a “less obvious” count, that is. Therefore, because of the importance of music awareness in this class, Salsa On2 students must apply an extra discipline when learning/dancing Salsa On2.

This class prepares you for Advanced Salsa On2!

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Minimum of five months at the Intermediate Salsa On2 level experience required.)
In Advanced Salsa On2, you will become a technically sound and creative Salsa On2 lead/follow!

You will also learn:

  •  Reinforced Partner Tension
  •  Advanced turn-combinations
  •  Advanced partner footwork options
  •  Giving/receiving Triples (plus)
  •  Advanced Footwork/shines
  •  Ability to create your own intricate combinations

Why this class is different at Latin Rhythms:

Students at this level are officially dancing at the caliber of many of the Latin Rhythms Dance Company members. We teach many of the same combinations our dance company performs in this class.Salsa On2 technique, timing and tension… this is what you’ will officially mastered by the end of this class.

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