Specialty Classes

(Complete Beginners start here -NO experience required!)

In this exciting class, you will learn the fundamental steps and lead/follow techniques used in traditional “partner-style” Mexican Cumbia – the same Cumbia danced in many modern nightclubs.

In four power-packed weeks, you will also learn:

  •  Introduction to Cumbia Music
  •  Timing and Rhythm – explanation of different styles
  •  Basic footwork, including multiple turns on an individual basis as well with partners
  •  Basic handwork and spotting
  •  Minimally, 4 turn combinations are taught which incorporate basic techniques learned in weeks 1 and 2, which provide foundation for more advanced patterns

Latin Rhythms focuses on technique above all and giving students a foundation which they can build upon with their own creativity. Cumbia is a lively dance and once you gain a strong understanding of the basic timing and basic step, your ability to grasp the turn combinations is greatly accelerated.

Our initial focus with Basic Cumbia is to teach you fundamentals first. This will then open the door to partner work. With this class and some practice, you will be ready for Intermediate Cumbia.

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(Completion of Basic Salsa III , or Basic Mambo level experience required.)

Our Footwork/Shines class will break down and teach you how to apply fancy footwork/shine options and combinations to your Salsa and Mambo dancing!

In Footwork/Shines, you will be introduced to the timing and breaking of “On 2” dancing, as well as:

  •  Salsa to Mambo basic step pattern transition
  •  Basic Mambo step pattern
  •  Turns- broken left, basic right
  •  Men’s/Ladies Styling options
  •  Common Shines
  •  Proper weight distribution
  •  Creating your own footwork combinations
  •  Music theory
  •  Dancing to the “Clave”

Why this class is different at Latin Rhythms:

Strictly a footwork class, this class is taught “On 2”. It’s a really common trend to let go of your partner while dancing Mambo/Salsa, so it’s really useful to know how to “hold your own” with some solid Shines. Basic and Intermediate level Shines are covered during the four weeks. This class resembles somewhat of an aerobic class, in that all the fancy footwork combinations and choreography will more than likely get you sweating!

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(Completion of Basic 3 Salsa level required.)

Ladies, add comfortable styling and footwork that will flare up your current Salsa/Mambo dancing.

Specific techniques learned in Ladies Salsa Styling:

  •  Body Isolations
  •  Proper body posture and positioning
  •  Footwork/shine combinations
  •  Successful following tips
  •  Incorporating the 3 H’s: hair, hands, and hips
  •  Cross-body options
  •  (Multiple) turn options
  •  Turn Spotting Techniques

Why this class is different at Latin Rhythms:

Who better than Maricza Valentin to share with us all her styling secrets? Style is subjective, which is why we provide so many styling options for you to choose from in this class. From the conservative to the flamboyant, Maricza covers it all. During the last week of this four-week class, we partner you with some Leads in order to practice all the Following and Styling techniques learned. Ladies, this class is highly recommended!

This class prepares you for ANY Salsa or Mambo class offered at LRDS!.

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(NO experience required.)

Our Body Isolations class will help teach you how to move your body in ways you might not have ever thought possible. This class focuses on hip, chest, and shoulder movement, and incorporates that movement into the styles of dance you’re learning.

Why this class is different at Latin Rhythms:
Strictly a solo class, Body Isolations will focus on improving each student’s body flexibility with fun, energetic music. Be prepared to challenge your body in new and exciting ways that will un-doubtedly improve your dancing skills in any style!

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(Minimum of FIVE to SIX months at the Intermediate 1 Salsa level required.)
TWO month minimum at the Intermediate 1.5 Salsa level recommended for all of our students. In the Intermediate 1.5 level class, you’ll be introduced to the “prep step” & giving/receiving multiple turns.

In addition, you will also learn:

  •  Introduction of the “prep step”
  •  Multiple spins
  •  Spotting & spinning techniques
  •  Introduction of the “face-away prep”

Leads…this class will teach you how to lead the prep step and how to give a follow multiple spins. Follows (as well as leads) this class will teach you how to execute the prep step and how to lead yourself through a double spin.

This class prepares you for Rookie Intermediate 2 Salsa and/or Ladies/Men Salsa Styling, and/or Footwork/Shines!

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