Basic Cumbia

(Complete Beginners start here -NO experience required!)
In this exciting class, you will learn the fundamental steps and lead/follow techniques used in traditional “partner-style” Mexican Cumbia – the same Cumbia danced in many modern nightclubs.

In four power-packed weeks, you will also learn:

Latin Rhythms focuses on technique above all and giving students a foundation which they can build upon with their own creativity. Cumbia is a lively dance and once you gain a strong understanding of the basic timing and basic step, your ability to grasp the turn combinations is greatly accelerated.

Our initial focus with Basic Cumbia is to teach you fundamentals first. This will then open the door to partner work. With this class and some practice, you will be ready for Intermediate Cumbia.


Intermediate Cumbia

(Basic Cumbia level experience required.)
In this class, we continue drilling fundamentals taught in Basic Cumbia as well as teach more advanced turn combinations.

You will also learn more advanced concepts of:

Latin Rhythms Intermediate Cumbia provides an even stronger focus on timing and rhythm and how they relate to the actual turn combinations we use. This class not only teaches 4-6 turn combinations, which are challenging to the students, but they become second nature with a thorough understanding of the basics.

Once you’ve completed our Intermediate Cumbia class, you will dance Mexican Style Cumbia comfortably on any dancefloor.