footwork & shines

Our Footwork/Shines class will break down and teach you how to apply fancy footwork/shine options and combinations to your Salsa and Mambo dancing!

(Completion of Basic Salsa III , or Basic Mambo level experience required.)

In Footwork/Shines, you will be introduced to the timing and breaking of “On 2” dancing, as well as:

Why this class is different at Latin Rhythms:

Strictly a footwork class, this class is taught “On 2”. It’s a really common trend to let go of your partner while dancing Mambo/Salsa, so it’s really useful to know how to “hold your own” with some solid Shines. Basic and Intermediate level Shines are covered during the four weeks. This class resembles somewhat of an aerobic class, in that all the fancy footwork combinations and choreography will more than likely get you sweating!