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Latin Rhythms371Have you ever watched someone command a dance floor? The style, the moves, the confidence… Well, imagine if that someone was you! Impossible, you say? We don’t think so. Since August of 2000, we’ve helped thousands of all skill levels, and cultural backgrounds, learn and improve their dancing! Specifically, Latin dancing. Our proven dance programs from beginner to professional, allow you to jump in at your comfort level and advance as far as your heart desires! Improving your dancing and boosting confidence on the dance floor takes a little time. We are more than happy to spend that time with you. We hope you are too. Welcome to Latin Rhythms!




What You Can Expect from Classes…

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Studio Policy

All paid student registrations are considered final. However, we realize life may throw us some curve balls, creating unforeseen circumstances that may force us/you to cancel or miss a class/session, (with prior notice). To accommodate these “curveballs,” we have established the following policies:

Please note:
• Make-ups are only allowed during the week missed.
• Specialty classes (those offered once per week) will have no make-ups due to limited scheduling.