Welcome to Latin Rhythms! You’re in for quite an experience at LR. One thing is for certain…We have a proven track record, so you will learn to dance!


  • Class registrations are final and non-refundable.
  • Class credits may be issued if students cancel registration before the start date of the class.
  • Class credits expire or must be redeemed (30 days) from the issued date.
  • Students may not walk into class if their tardiness exceeds 20 minutes unless prior arrangements were made with the instructor or front desk.
  • If you miss a class that class is void and cannot be made up.
  • LR reserves the right to cancel a class with insufficient enrollment.


  • Students must pay via credit card or cash prior to the start date of the scheduled private instruction. Private lesson purchases expire in 365 days (1 year) if not used immediately.
  • Students must cancel a scheduled private 24 hours prior to the private start time in order to avoid forfeiting 100% of the private lesson charge.
  • Students will be charged full price for a “No-Show.” A No-Show is defined as not offering 24-hour notice for the cancellation of your scheduled private.
  • A private instruction session is 50 minutes. It is the student’s responsibility to arrive on time to receive the full session. The instructor is not expected to extend the end time of the private due to tardiness. Unfortunately, most of our instructors have subsequent privates or classes to teach, so they must stay on schedule.

It’s important to keep our class leads/follow ratios as balanced as possible, so occasionally we’ll extend Fill-In Opportunities. Free practice/class time for you, plus a better-balanced class, equals a Win-Win situation!



  • Fill-in opportunities may only be offered to currently registered students.
  • Students are allowed to fill in for classes of the same style and level, or below, their current registered class. Students may not fill in for a class level or style they have not already taken at LR.
  • There is a 1-class fill-in maximum for students registered for one (1) class. And a 2-class fill-in maximum for students registered for 2 or more classes.
  • Students must receive approval from an instructor or front desk before filling in for a class.
  • Students are expected to fill in for the remainder of the class session, & not just one (1) class.
  • Fill-in opportunities are only open for weeks 2 through 4 of the class session.